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Dear Author letter for Press Start

For [community profile] press_start_comm:

General likes/dislikes

Things I like:
  • (General) Sexy stuff, fluffy stuff, dark stuff (like... I am really not picky), AUs (modern, historical, what-ifs, etc.)

  • (Fic) Plotty fic (e.g. the prompt "any two characters go on a mission together -- what happens next?" can be inserted into any of these requests), people who have unresolved issues (like, individual characters who have psychological issues, or two characters who grate on each other or rub each other the wrong way; conflict), character studies

  • (Visual) Saturated and colorful, contrasts/opposites/foils

Note: I like all of these things individually! No need to incorporate more than one thing on this list (although I wouldn't mind if you did).

General things I don't like:
  • (General) Character bashing (especially making generally good characters cruel and abusive)

  • (General) I am generally not a fan of slap-slap-kiss dynamics, although it's not an automatic NO either. For certain pairs of characters, slap-slap-kiss is arguably the dynamic they have in canon, and adhering to canon characterization trumps my dislike of slap-slap-kiss. However, if you're portraying a romantic pairing, where possible, I'd prefer playful teasing and honest rapport / enjoying each other's company over belligerence (including BST), frequent arguments, or one character punishing another for not respecting feelings that the character hasn't owned up to having or for "cheating" on a romantic relationship neither character has agreed to be in

  • (Fic) Issuefic (unless specifically requested)

Final Fantasy VI

Things I like (FF6-specific)
  • Green-haired Terra

Individual prompts:
  • Gau and his two dads (Cyan and Sabin) -- just, like... that cuteness. Times they noticed they were a weird family unit. Parenting style differences. Modern AU?? IDK.

  • Terra character study -- what it's like to live in a peaceful world, interactions with Celes (wanting to ask her questions about stuff but being intimidated by her cold demeanor)

  • Setzer living his life between Daryl and before the rest of the crew find him -- where does he go? what does he do? Setzer at the opera house?

Seiken Densetsu 3

Things I like (SD3-specific):
  • Stories that incorporate game mechanics into them (such as SD3's class system)

  • Art that features characters wearing stuff you can buy for them in game but doesn't match their official character design (e.g. Angela wearing robes or dresses, Carlie wearing cutesy beast hoods, Kevin wearing martial arts uniforms (gi), etc.)

  • Pairing fanwork and two-character dynamics (Lise/Hawk is a perennial favorite of fandom and mine, but I'd love to see pairing (or platonic) dynamics of anyone else as well... Angela/Carlie? Lise/Kevin? Duran/Hawk? etc. etc.)

Individual prompts:
  • Angela ruminating on her magic (maybe also her relationship to the elemental spirits) and/or her mother

  • 5 times people got fed up with Carlie

  • I am very starved for stuff in this fandom. Anything you can come up with for it, I will be totally into that.

Soul Calibur

Things I like (SC-specific):
  • Art featuring cool costumes including original designs -- one of the reasons why I love the SC series is the flamboyant and impractical clothing. If costume design is your thing, I totally encourage it.

Things I don't like (SC-specific):
  • Women being abused or dominated. There's already enough of that in the fandom already, and I'd like to see something different.

Individual prompts:
  • Ivy/Zasalamel: I think they are intellectual introverts who would be a good fit for each other, but they're also so abrasive and solitary that it's challenging to see how they might actually get together. I leave that as a challenge. For fanart, SC3 designs > SC4 designs. (But also, see note above about costumes.)

  • Patroklos & Setsuka (Neve): Soul Calibur V really doesn't go into their relationship, and I'd like to see more fanwork featuring their relationship -- Setsuka teaching Patroklos (and what that teacher/student dynamic looks like), little lessons/bits of wisdom from Setsuka that Patroklos takes with him, Setsuka as a romantic figure and/or a substitute parent figure (similar to her earlier dynamic with her own teacher).

  • Mi-na/Yun-seong: Dialogue heavy on flirtation and sexual innuendo, OR sparring/wrestling that gets sexual fast, OR "anything you can do I can do better" type friendly rivalry

  • I'm always up for some nice fanwork of Maxi or Taki (but no particular prompts come to mind)

Sword of Mana

Things I like (SwoM-specific):
  • Fic that leaves the hero and heroine nameless, but I'm also fine with you making up names for them

If you prefer Adventures of Mana / Seiken Densetsu canon/designs, I'm cool with that.

Individual prompts:
  • Amanda/Hero: More detailed exploration of Amanda and her feelings for the Hero

  • Hero/Heroine: A sweet moment together before the end

  • Heroine/Willy: He's had a crush on her since they were kids. Now he finally has the chance to confess!